Annual Volunteer Honoring


Global Family Association, along with its volunteers and its management office, works at various times to honor and crown distinguished volunteers, who contributed financially, participated in the field, and were also ambassadors for giving and motivating volunteers. They left an impact and imprint on their community by extending a helping hand and developing it through an initiative or idea that was embodied and brought to fruition.

Our goal in honoring volunteers is to motivate them to stay and continue to give more effort and donate to the social field. Being a volunteer is a good thing, but instilling in you the love of volunteering, the continuity of giving, and self-denial is our goal. Societies do not develop or prosper until through solidarity and development and linking bridges of solidarity between societies under the roof of humanity, regardless of country, color, and culture, From any country, color, or culture, you can join us and put a smile on people’s faces, and those who are crowned have degrees.

  • The award and honor of the Knights of Volunteering, the highest rank, is given at the end of each year. The Knights Volunteer Shield is presented every year in a large ceremony that brings together many partner organizations and local and international volunteers.
  • The Volunteer Work Ambassadors Award and Honor, second rank, is given in the middle of each volunteer year to our ambassadors around the world.
  • The Excellence Award is given every three months of the year to participating volunteers, in addition to participation awards and others.

Even you can be one of these people and share with us the joy of giving, supporting charitable projects, and volunteering fieldwork for the benefit of poor areas, and be a reason for changing human lives.