Nawal Redouani

Nawal Redouani
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I haven’t really been an overly proactive person in my teen years – volunteering was not something that piqued my interest until a couple of years ago. I was not in an environment which talked about or encouraged volunteering back then, therefore I never saw it as something that could help both me and the community.

Likewise, I just felt like that is something people who have a lot of free time do. My view of volunteering changed when I started my university and I heard new friends talk about all the ways they helped others and in return grew as people themselves. Then and by chance I’ve met the CEO of Global Family association and got to know the work they do, so I want to be part of it and live the experience which was remarkable which became a constant in my life and to this day still continues to challenge me.

I travelled and got free training courses on topics like gender equality, drop out of schools for minority and how to help that part of the community who is still in need. I can say that it was The most important and life-changing volunteering experience for me, and I’ve made so many international friends, with whom I’m still in contact. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that volunteering is something you shouldn’t do, because it’s one of the best things you could ever do, both for yourself and for the people you’re going to help along the way.

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