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I got to the Global Family on social media but I knew her more when I travelled with her on my first volunteer experience outside the country Global Family school for any volunteer where you learn and enjoy at the same time our project was to develop a poor community in the atlas mountain, it was a great volunteer experience, the program was full throughout the week, all days of the volunteer trip every day we learning something new even the traditional cooking of the country we took a cooking class, an unforgettable volunteer experience, thank you Global Family.
Rachida Rahal, KSA
وزرعنا شجرة رمان صدقة جارية بدار بويدار في المغرب (دار للأيتام) مع الفنانة التشكيلية فاطمه من المغرب .. كل الشكر والتقدير للأستاذ منير مؤسس جلوبال فاميلي على حسن الضيافة والاستقبال و تقديم برنامج متكامل يشمل التعرف على الثقافة المغربية وأهمية العمل التطوعي في المجتمعات .. فعلاً أرضيت شغفي وحبي للعمل التطوعي وحققت امنيتي بتمثيل فريق فكرة خارج دولة الكويت من خلال المشاركة في رسم البسمة على الاطفال الايتام والأسر المتعففة بجبال أطلس حيث التجربة الواقعية للحياة البسيطة والاطلاع على الجزء الآخر من الحياة الانسانية الذي لطالما كنا نجهله ولا نعيه .. فعلاً فرصة العطاء لاتقدر بثمن والشعور مختلط بين فرحة وحزن وفخر واعتزاز و نظرات سعادة لاتوصف بمجرد الكلمات المكتوبة .. شكراً جلوبال فاميلي على الانسانية
Emane Almwannes, Kuwait
In my own experience with Global Family I learned that in the union of people’s there is strength when we unite to help others, there will be no hunger, ignorance or disease from any country, color or religion you can travel with Global Family for humanity to help community development with Global Family you see and live new culture in my trip I got to know volunteer friend from all over the world with Global Family, you will travel with a purpose.
Geng Do, China
My first experience was in international volunteering, I was the youngest in the group but I did not feel it with Global Family as if we're in my family, our project was planting a smile on orphans we planted fruit trees for orphans we have repainted the houses in the orphanage, our feelings mixed between joy and separation, the joy of volunteering and what we presented in the volunteer process, parting with friends in volunteering we were one family sharing food, laughter and volunteering together, traveling and volunteering with Global Family gives you the pleasure of purposeful culture travel.
Chaimaa Moutaouasset, Morocco
On our January 2019 trip, I joined Global Family volunteers on my journey and my first-ever sustainability drive (agriculture) in the village of Nawaoui Marrakech and within the Atlas Mountains. My dear memory of that journey is many: from singing songs, learning how to use different agricultural tools, in addition to becoming one with nature, to all the people I met, and the new friends I made from all countries of the world, how we were all healing each other, and how the rain spilled Like us, God was sending us a positive message. I can feel it enormously - the effect we have had. It was very special. We learned new things in our lives. I invite all world volunteers to join Global Family Travel and Empowerment.
Samira Abidi, Morocco
We were fortunate to travel as a volunteer and a tourist to get to know Marrakech with Global Family, where we were immersed in volunteer work that left something of value, then explored the Atlas Mountains as tourists later in the day. My interactions with the locals had a lasting impression on me. We always felt welcome and supported (by both the locals and the organizers). The organizers were very open and accepting any kind of observations or communications that we had during the flight. I am so grateful that I was part of this project and can't wait to go back there soon to live a voluntary tourist experience with Global Family.
Ghizlan Makwar, Spain
My volunteering trip with Global Family for community development I will summarize it in two words love and giving, human love for humanity connecting bridges of cooperation among peoples and standardization of culture, your giving have love before your money I learn with Global Family the true meaning of volunteering. Thanks to all the Global Family team.
Fatima Akrou, Morocco
I traveled with Global Family for the second time, and each time you find it more exciting than the previous trip on their volunteer trips are the renewal of the soul My advice is: Expect what is beautiful and breathtaking - literally, everything about your life will change after your first trip. Be mentally prepared and don't forget to enjoy the ride!
Nawal Redouani, Morocco


Delivering help and hope
to children through sponsorship.

Delivering help and hope to children through sponsorship.

If you love volunteering and would like to join us, we are the “Global Family Association” volunteer team. We welcome you and everyone else to volunteer for humanity to be an active member with you.